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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Armytage, LiamIllawong Menai Cricket Club650010
2 Sheffield, VaughnIllawong Menai Cricket Club640000
3 Wright, DavidIllawong Menai Cricket Club441001
4 Howse, ElliotBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club530000
5 Turner, JordanIllawong Menai Cricket Club730000
6 Hajinakitas, Scott jIllawong Menai Cricket Club730000
7 dwyer, jeremyBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club730010
8 Panay, JohnBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club630000
9 Curtis, Christopher BGymea Bay Cricket Club531000
10 Palmer, BrettBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club720100
11 Spanhel, Brent PIllawong Menai Cricket Club420000
12 Christison, MathewIllawong Menai Cricket Club620000
13 Hay, MatthewComo Jannali Cricket Club720000
14 Grose, AndrewIllawong Menai Cricket Club420000
15 Darby, MatthewIllawong Menai Cricket Club620000
16 DeCelis, PaulBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club720000
17 Dess, WarrenIllawong Menai Cricket Club110000
18 Chora, Timothy KSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland810000
19 Murphy, SeanSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland710000
20 Brandt, TimothyIllawong Menai Cricket Club210000
21 Lowy, DylanGymea Bay Cricket Club710000
22 Mitchell, BowenComo Jannali Cricket Club710010
23 Corry, SamuelSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland714100
24 Hazeldine, LewisComo Jannali Cricket Club710000
25 Lin, BenjaminComo Jannali Cricket Club510000
26 Cannan, LucasComo Jannali Cricket Club310000
27 Hopper, DaneComo Jannali Cricket Club110000
28 Campey, Anthony SBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club410000
29 Ungvary, SebastianSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland210000
30 Anderson, PeterSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland810000
31 Sawdy, AnthonyComo Jannali Cricket Club410000
32 Del Din, William WGymea Bay Cricket Club110000
33 Newton, SeanGymea Bay Cricket Club610001
34 Stone, JasonBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club610000
35 Wright, MattBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club612010
36 Jenkins, Cameron DSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland600000
37 Almond, RyanComo Jannali Cricket Club400000
38 Hay, Mitchell JComo Jannali Cricket Club600000
39 Leffler, Joel JGymea Bay Cricket Club100000
40 Morton, HaydenComo Jannali Cricket Club300000
41 Silburn, RyanIllawong Menai Cricket Club500010
42 Wall, MichaelSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland200000
43 Gibson, DavidBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club400000
44 Rolfe, WilliamSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland600000
45 Eadie, MitchSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland600000
46 Burg, MattGymea Bay Cricket Club600020
47 Owens, AaronBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club500000
48 Nancarrow, BryceBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club400000
49 Purser, JakeGymea Bay Cricket Club600000
50 Bambury, ChrisComo Jannali Cricket Club200000
51 mckeon, joshSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland100000
52 Ng, JeremyGymea Bay Cricket Club100000
53 Corbett, James JGymea Bay Cricket Club404020
54 Jacobs, WilliamSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland400000
55 Richards, GregBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club401000
56 Morris, JonathanComo Jannali Cricket Club100000
57 Green, NathanSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland200000
58 McLaren, JoshComo Jannali Cricket Club202000
59 Mangipudi, AbhiSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland500000
60 Zuber, MatthewGymea Bay Cricket Club400000
61 Angus, MatthewIllawong Menai Cricket Club200000
62 Brunell, JasonIllawong Menai Cricket Club100000
63 Campbell, KaneBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club700000
64 kingston, markIllawong Menai Cricket Club100000
65 Waddick, LukeBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club200000
66 Bayliss, StephenIllawong Menai Cricket Club100000
67 Watson, DeclanIllawong Menai Cricket Club100000
68 Cornelius, Daniel PComo Jannali Cricket Club100000
69 Mifsud, JohnBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club500000
70 McRae, ChristopherComo Jannali Cricket Club500000
71 Culff, IanComo Jannali Cricket Club400000
72 Foster, DanielIllawong Menai Cricket Club607100
73 Spanhel, PeterIllawong Menai Cricket Club100000
74 Behringer, MichaelComo Jannali Cricket Club200000
75 gardner, lanceIllawong Menai Cricket Club100000
76 woodley, patrickSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland100000
77 Dodd, BrendanComo Jannali Cricket Club301000
78 Garton, NigelComo Jannali Cricket Club600000
79 O'Neill, JoshGymea Bay Cricket Club607000
80 Lowy, GuyGymea Bay Cricket Club500000
81 Lainson, AaronSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland300000
82 Fogden, Paul WGymea Bay Cricket Club300000
83 Dimas, Luke WSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland300000
84 Ungvary, VinceSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland100000
85 Floyd, MitchellGymea Bay Cricket Club600000
86 Isidore, CallumSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland701000
87 Beattie, MatthewComo Jannali Cricket Club501200
88 Burg, AdamGymea Bay Cricket Club600000
89 Fogden, DanielGymea Bay Cricket Club200000
90 Moriceau, BryceComo Jannali Cricket Club100000
91 Govindrulu, SantoshComo Jannali Cricket Club100000
92 Fogden, Billy CGymea Bay Cricket Club300000
93 Foskett, Cameron MGymea Bay Cricket Club500000
94 Hardwick, StephenSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland600000
95 Anderson, MartinSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland300000
96 Fenger, LachlanIllawong Menai Cricket Club401000
97 Swyer, TimIllawong Menai Cricket Club500000
98 Campbell, BrettBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club200000
99 McDonald, TomComo Jannali Cricket Club100000
100 Daenell, TomComo Jannali Cricket Club600000
101 Rogers, Craig TIllawong Menai Cricket Club100000
102 Shepherd, GavinBangor Barden Ridge Cricket Club400000
103 McMullen, DeclanSt Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland800000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.