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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
116471900015118903169140164Nigel GartonComo Jannali 1 (TD)2019/2020A16 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
2109150058415118883169148109*Mathew ChristisonIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2019/2020A19 1Gymea Bay 1 (MF)
3101160723115118883169146101*Timothy BrandtIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2019/2020A18 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
4100179031115118903169140100Jonathan MorrisComo Jannali 1 (TD)2019/2020A16 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
5987190001511890316913598Nigel GartonComo Jannali 1 (TD)2019/2020A14 1St. Patrick's 1 (DM)
68814240941511891316912888Paul DeCelisBangor Comets 1 (BP)2019/2020A12 1St. Patrick's 1 (DM)
78616073351511888316913786Matthew DarbyIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2019/2020A15 1Como Jannali 1 (TD)
88116073391511888316912681*Daniel FosterIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2019/2020A11 1St. Patrick's 1 (DM)
97810441401511891316912578Elliot HowseBangor Comets 1 (BP)2019/2020A11 1Como Jannali 1 (TD)
107119188491511891316912871John PanayBangor Comets 1 (BP)2019/2020A12 1St. Patrick's 1 (DM)
11709054531511894316913370Josh O'NeillGymea Bay 1 (MF)2019/2020A14 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
126812686481511894316912768James J CorbettGymea Bay 1 (MF)2019/2020A12 1Como Jannali 1 (TD)
136715005841511888316912667Mathew ChristisonIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2019/2020A11 1St. Patrick's 1 (DM)
145515005841511888316913155Mathew ChristisonIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2019/2020A13 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
155517521891511894316914255Jake PurserGymea Bay 1 (MF)2019/2020A17 1Como Jannali 1 (TD)
165316207131511894316914553*Adam BurgGymea Bay 1 (MF)2019/2020A18 1St. Patrick's 1 (DM)
1753160304015115043316913553Callum IsidoreSt. Patrick's 1 (DM)2019/2020A14 1Como Jannali 1 (TD)
185017516661511888316913150*David WrightIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2019/2020A13 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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