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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1101160481815337103476483101*Matthew BeattieComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2020/2021A15 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
2100147953115318913476499100Geoff BurnsBangor Comets 2 (DP)2020/2021A110 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
39012686551531894347647390Cameron M FoskettGymea Bay 1 (MF)2020/2021A11 1Bangor Comets 2 (DP)
4809054441533710347647280Tom DaenellComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2020/2021A11 2Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
57518916051531891347649875*Kane CampbellBangor Comets 1 (BP)2020/2021A110 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
67412686481531894347647774James J CorbettGymea Bay 1 (MF)2020/2021A13 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
77220148591533710347648772Sean GartonComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2020/2021A16 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
8665707241533710347648766Joshua LoyComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2020/2021A16 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
96515005841531888347647265Mathew ChristisonIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2020/2021A11 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
106414226311531891347647864Paul DoranBangor Comets 2 (DP)2020/2021A13 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
116316073391531888347648763Daniel FosterIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2020/2021A16 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
126116064041533710347647861Matthew HayComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2020/2021A13 2Bangor Comets 2 (DP)
135912686481531894347648259James J CorbettGymea Bay 1 (MF)2020/2021A14 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
145815005841531888347648258Mathew ChristisonIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2020/2021A14 1Gymea Bay 1 (MF)
155820500181533710347648758*Ian CulffComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2020/2021A16 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
16589054531531894347648858Josh O'NeillGymea Bay 1 (MF)2020/2021A16 1Bangor Comets 2 (DP)
175614081711531888347648456*Aaron VeartIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2020/2021A15 1Bangor Comets 2 (DP)
185419176511531891347648354Matt WrightBangor Comets 1 (BP)2020/2021A15 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
195414240941531891347648354Paul DeCelisBangor Comets 1 (BP)2020/2021A15 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
205316029741531891347647853Rodney StoddartBangor Comets 2 (DP)2020/2021A13 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
215214226311531891347648852Paul DoranBangor Comets 2 (DP)2020/2021A16 1Gymea Bay 1 (MF)
225116048181533710347649851Matthew BeattieComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2020/2021A110 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
235118916051531891347647751Kane CampbellBangor Comets 1 (BP)2020/2021A13 2Gymea Bay 1 (MF)
245016023141531894347647750Mitchell FloydGymea Bay 1 (MF)2020/2021A13 1Bangor Comets 1 (BP)
255016073391531888347649950Daniel FosterIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2020/2021A110 1Bangor Comets 2 (DP)
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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