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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1109160651715518863887270109Kieran MedwayCronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)2021/2022A13 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
2107126864815518943887277107*James J CorbettGymea Bay 1 (MF)2021/2022A15 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
3100160481815537103887268100*Matthew BeattieComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2021/2022A12 1Bangor Barden Ridge 1 (DP)
4939150921551886388726793Sam DunlopCronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)2021/2022A12 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
5799054531551894388726679Josh O'NeillGymea Bay 1 (MF)2021/2022A11 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
67720500181553710388727577*Ian CulffComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2021/2022A14 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
7647190001553710388729464Nigel GartonComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2021/2022A1SF 1Cronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)
86320148591553710388729063Sean GartonComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2021/2022A19 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
9639054531551894388727163Josh O'NeillGymea Bay 1 (MF)2021/2022A13 1Bangor Barden Ridge 1 (DP)
106217516661551888388728262*David WrightIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2021/2022A17 1Cronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)
115916065171551886388729459Kieran MedwayCronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)2021/2022A1SF 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
125616073391551888388729056*Daniel FosterIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2021/2022A19 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
13567190001553710388727556Nigel GartonComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2021/2022A14 1Illawong Menai 1 (MC)
14565707241553710388726656Joshua LoyComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2021/2022A11 1Gymea Bay 1 (MF)
155314226311551891388726853Paul DoranBangor Barden Ridge 1 (DP)2021/2022A12 1Como-Jannali 1 (TD)
16537190001553710388728353Nigel GartonComo-Jannali 1 (TD)2021/2022A17 1Bangor Barden Ridge 1 (DP)
175216073351551888388726752Matthew DarbyIllawong Menai 1 (MC)2021/2022A12 1Cronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)
18509054531551894388727350Josh O'NeillGymea Bay 1 (MF)2021/2022A14 1Cronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)
195012167341551886388727350Luke SladeCronulla Seagulls 1 (AA)2021/2022A14 1Gymea Bay 1 (MF)
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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